I Dream of Weevils Part 1

weevil handJemma here! So picture this. You’ve just started a summer internship and everything is going well. You get back from a long day of collecting and looking through samples of insects and the only thing on your mind is sweet, blissful sleep. So you start to wind down, maybe watch an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix, jump in the shower, throw on some comfy pajamas, brush your teeth and then you finally get into bed. Now that you finally have the chance to relax you start to give in to the welcoming arms of sleep and close your eyes……..and all you see are weevils! Your eyelids become the backdrop to a sea of green worm like creatures wiggling around in your mind and despite your best efforts you can’t find the pause button to this haunting showing of insects.

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First day of field work!

Zoe and Makenzie are SO happy to finally be in the field. Field work dispatch from Randa: Yay! After 10 days of checking the weather, constructing degree day maps to model the development of our main pest of interest (the alfalfa weevil), and making plans and changing them over and over again, we finally made it out to the field. Our timing for insect sampling was perfect – just at the start of weevil third-instars in the field. Continue reading