Methods matter?

IMG_4893Alanna Speaking. I have a confession to make. When I read a scientific paper, I (almost always) skip the “Methods” section. Those seven letters are a signal to flip the page, an introduction to the driest, least impactful part of the paper, necessary to writers and publishers, but certainly not to me.

During the week we spent sampling in the Bighorn Basin, Zoe and I found ourselves transported into Methods. Every decision we made, every stroke of the sweep net, photograph and weather call had the potential to affect the results. Continue reading


First day of field work!

Zoe and Makenzie are SO happy to finally be in the field. Field work dispatch from Randa: Yay! After 10 days of checking the weather, constructing degree day maps to model the development of our main pest of interest (the alfalfa weevil), and making plans and changing them over and over again, we finally made it out to the field. Our timing for insect sampling was perfect – just at the start of weevil third-instars in the field. Continue reading

Hello world!

WYOWelcome to Insect Agroecology. We’re a lab in the department of Plant Sciences at the University of Wyoming focused on the role of insects in the agroecosystem. Here we plan to share with you stories from the field, photos, and research updates. Stay tuned as we begin to kickoff the 2015 field season!