Alfalfa Weevil Infestations from a Landscape Perspective

IMG_0177Alfalfa weevil (Hypera postica) is the most problematic pest in Wyoming alfalfa fields. One of the reasons this pest is so tricky for producers to manage, is because infestations  can be highly variable and difficult to predict. They can be very problematic in some years and fields, and not at all in others.  As a result, producers have the difficult task of deciding if, how, and when to manage for weevil. Continue reading


Flower Power

cosmoIncorporating flowers in agricultural landscapes has been an area of increasing interest recently. As scientists and farmers try to find new ways to make food production more sustainable, an emergent idea has been to increase the functions (See Farm Meets Function for some WY examples!) that agricultural lands provide. One way to do this is to add diversity to the types of habitats found on agricultural lands. Continue reading